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August 2016
S&C Completes Second Steam Control Valve Actuator Retrofit
S&C recently started up a second 230 MW steam turbine after completing a steam control valve actuator retrofit
July 2016
S&C Provides Consulting and Engineering Services
S&C recently provided consulting and engineering services for a newly built power station
July 2016
Power Management Solutions
S&C recently filed a patent application for the “Method and Apparatus for Voltage Control in Electric Power Systems,” which is part of our Power Management System (PMS) solution

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Our Technology

Power Sector

Core Software

Core software represents the heart of our software and the basic building blocks for all of S&C's solutions
Oil & Gas Sector


S&C's innovative solutions span multiple markets, including power, oil & gas, turbomachinery, and the general Industry 4.0 "Smart Factory"

Our Services

Dynamic Study

Dynamic Study

Recommendations for process optimization
and validation of current operating modes
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Visualize equipment performance and schedule maintenance with algorithms
S&C Consulting


Provide project management and 
recommendations to improve plant assets
Integrated Control & Safety Systems (ICSS)


Advanced panel logic programming for
control panels and safety systems
Advanced site surveys

Site Surveys

Report on inventory and assess current
equipment and control strategies


Greater efficiency + less waste = more profits 
when your process is optimized
PID Plant Tuning

Plant Tuning

Elegantly and efficiently tune your
process plant to increase profits
Automation Solutions


Industrial network design, data management,
logic, documentation, and more
Operator and decision maker training


Train your operators and decision makers
on how to use the solution technology (OTS)
S&C Support


We're here for you: communication
and system support for all solutions
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